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    What material is the dispenser made out of?
    Each Bags on Board fashion dispenser is made with water-resistant polyester fabric designed to be durable and easy to keep clean.
    Is the dispenser machine washable?
    Yes, we have designed the fashion dispenser to withstand a minimum of 30 cycles in a typical washing machine. We recommend that you towel dry after washing.
    How many bags fit in the dispenser?
    Each fashion dispenser fits a typical roll containing between 12 and 15 bags.
    How does the fashion dispenser attach to my leash?
    Because of its lightweight material and unique design, the fashion dispenser has several options for attaching to your leash. Our recommended method is to mount directly to the leash by fastening the main flaps over your leash. You then snap the loop over your leash’s handle to prevent it from sliding down the leash during your walk. Alternatively, you can mount the dispenser directly to most dog harnesses using the same method – now Sparky can carry his own bags! Finally, the fashion dispenser can also attach in a more typical fashion by snapping the loop through the leash handle and letting it dangle.

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