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    How do GREEN PUPS compare to corn-based waste pick-up bags?
    Instead of using corn that requires water and energy to grow and harvest, GREEN PUPS bags are made with natural lignin, a renewable material that is leftover when paper mills make paper. Lignin is typically burned by paper mills, but the technology in GREEN PUPS bags puts the lignin to better use – and makes the bags break down faster than regular plastic.
    What is lignin?
    Lignin is brown gooey substance that is the glue that holds trees together. When paper is made, paper mills separate wood into pulp (needed for paper) and lignin (typically burned by the mill). Xylomer Technology converts the lignin into a plastic-like bioresin material.
    Are trees cut down specifically to make GREEN PUPS bags?
    Definitely not. We just use the leftover lignin that already comes from paper manufacturing, resulting in less lignin being burned by paper mills.
    Are GREEN PUPS bags compostable?
    Empty GREEN PUPS bags are ASTM D6400 certified for commercial compostability, however most municipal compost facilities do not accept pet waste in any bag. Check your local facility rules. Using GREEN PUPS bags still reduces the amount of plastic in the world and reduces the amount of lignin being burned by paper mills.

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