Bac Block’R™ Waste Pick-Up Bags & Dispenser

Your three favorite things! 600 Bac Block’R™ Rainbow Pick-Up Bags, a red fire hydrant dispenser and a Dookie Dock!

  • Black-list Bac – Antibacterial coated bags to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Ample room for the boom boom – These new, larger-sized waste pick-up bags are 9 x 14 inches, making the largest poos seem poo-tite.
  • More in store – These rolls of poop bags come in a convenient, space-efficient box for ease of storage and dispensing.
  • Let the poop times roll – Comes with a red fire hydrant dispenser and 600 waste pick-up bags, for an extended supply of dog poop pick-up pouches.
  • Hands-free haulin’ – A Dookie Dock our new hands-free bag holder, lets you tie up a full bag, attach it to the Dookie Dock, and walk your dog with the confidence of a person who's not holding a bag of poop.
  • Available in Blue and Rainbow colors

Directions for use

Your Bags on Board dispenser comes with a roll of bags inside. To use, pull bag outward until perforation is visible. Tear at perforation. Place your hand inside the bag and pick up the waste. Then invert the bag, inside out, and tie. Dispose of the used bag properly. When your dispenser is empty, twist the dispenser and remove the used bag spool. Refill with a new roll of bags, replace the end and twist to fasten.

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